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Thread: Hi from Scotland

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    Smile Hi from Scotland

    Me and my family are looking to move to New Zealand. As yet its just the start of the dream and we have been online searching all we can. Found this website and after reading a few posts felt right at home.

    Its just me and my husband (both 37) and two children, one age 5 one age 7. Any advice on the best way to start the move would be great - for example how long does it take to get approval and is it worth paying one of the sites that promises to take all the headaches out of immigration etc

    Many thanks....


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    Hello and welcome.

    We arrived here 3 months ago, with our 2 young children (4 & 2).

    If you want a nose, read our blog ... we applied for residency before coming here .. and I think from beginning to end it was 10 months to actually get our visas, and another 2 to book the flights, say goodbye, work my notice etc.

    Feel free to ask any questions ... I certainly did back when we were at the early stage.

    We did the visa application alone .. saved 1000s, and with the help of this forum managed fine without an agent. My hubbies sister is just starting the process with an agent - personally think she's mad, but will let the forum know how things go (assuming she tells us)

    All the best,

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    Check out our website ->

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    Quote Originally Posted by zummerzet_lou View Post
    My hubbies sister is just starting the process with an agent - personally think she's mad
    She is actually Mad
    Landed in NZ, 13th August 2008


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    Hi Laura. Welcome to MTNZ.

    How you get into NZ depends on what job skills either of you or both of you possess as this is critical. The process for a residency application can take many months depending on a number of factors e.g. how many points you can get for job skills etc., how straightforward your application is and how many other people are applying at the same time. Have you looked on the INZ site yet as that is the best starting point? Here is a quick check so you can see what is involved in a residency application.

    There are other ways of getting into NZ but we'll try you on this one first.
    Mother Bear

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    Hi Laura

    Welcome to the forum, we arrived here just over a year ago from Scotland, so lets see.

    Timeline, it took us 6 months from EOI to arriving here in Christchurch

    The actual time would depend on your job skills and whether you haev a job offer, if you have a confirmed job offer it does shorten the time to do this. My wife had a job offer as a nurse which made the time frame shorter

    As far as paying a company to do it ...... your choice but me personally i'd do it on your own and save a fortune, the companies dont get any special treatment from NZIS so you would be paying them to do a paper chase for you, an expensive one at that.

    Any questions give me a shout and I will do my best
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the advice folks.

    Will now be posting questions in the appropriate sections and believe me I will have tons. Thanks for the direct to the residency flow chart - would never have found it otherwise.

    Laura x

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