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    Default Hello

    Hi all, I have just found this forum and joined, we are Simon and Gabrielle (37 & 29) and Poppy who is a 3 year old Siberian Husky, we are from Bradford West Yorkshire and hope to move to Christchurch by the middle of next year, our EOI went in and was selected in May 2008 and the ITA came in July, it was sent back in October and now we are waiting, which will take a while as I have applied with no job offer.
    It would be good to hear from anyone who has made the move and more so from anyone in my trade or in Christchurch, we have never been to NZ so any information would be gratefully recieved.

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    Hello Simon .. gosh that could have been us writing your post a year ago ...

    We submitted out EOI June 2007, and got our residency in May 2008 with no job offer, and finally made it to Christchurch, NZ in august this year!

    Feel free to ask those questions .. and we look forward to meeting you in a few months time

    EOI Submitted 8th July 2007, 140 points no job offer.
    EOI Selected 18th July 2007
    ITA pack received 12th Oct 2007
    Completed ITA posted to NZIS 26th November 2007
    Case Officer assigned approx 22nd Feb 2008
    Immigration interview 7th May 2008
    PR AIP 10th May 2008
    Arrived in NZ, August 13th

    Check out our website ->

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    Simon and welcome.

    Wow, someone else heading for Christchurch. No wonder it's moved up to no.2 in the 'NZ's biggest cities' stakes.

    If you're looking for someone in your trade, could you please give us some idea of what you do? We've got all sorts lurking on here .

    Good luck with your application.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Hi Mother Bear and all,

    I am in the motor trade, a HGV mechanic to be exact, with experience with Cummins electronic diesels and Volvo trucks and busses, I work at a main Volvo truck and bus dealership in West Yorkshire at present and have 7 years experience running HGV workshops, 2 years in retail and 5 years running a fleet workshop, I changed jobs in March 2008 to a workshop floor position for workshop experience as I had been in management positions for 7 years and I hope to get a simmilar position in NZ and work my way up again.
    Gabrielle has worked in an bank and for the Inland Revenue for the last few years, she will need a sociable job in NZ so she can meet people and not become isolated, working for the Inland Revenue and Barclays bank she is obviously very trustworthy, and a job in a pet shop or similar would suit her very well.
    We have a 3 year old Siberian Husky and plan to get another fairly soon after we arrive in NZ, we have found the Canterbury Sled Dog Club and will contact them when we do arrive.
    We have also looked on the internet at houses but we are unaware which areas are good and bad, we would like somewhere quiet but fairly near Christchurch for work wherever that may be, I have travelled 20 miles to work for the last 9 years, so it would be good to hear what the areas of Caterbury are like within 20 miles or so of Christchurch.

    Any info will be gratefully revieved


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    Hi Simon and welcome
    We moved to Chch in jan and love it
    Theres loads of nice wee towns
    We liked Kaipoi
    And one of our regulars on here Kokopeli stays in a lovely wee place called Prebbleton which we recently drove through and loved it
    Sorry Koko i didnt have my cell or you would have been getting a phone call,for that coffee.We shall return though
    Also i like Methven but my teenager daughter nearly had a fit as its very quite and about half dozen shops,no good to her
    but the mountain scenery is fantastic
    Rangoira is quite nice too,though more inland
    As i said theres stacks of places which are lovely,just do as much research from there,and when you get here if you have time and money,then go wee tour around
    We found that some places which some people dont particularly like we did and reverse.
    Good luck

    Landed in New Zealand 29th jan 2008
    Colin got job offer 21st feb
    Work Permit applied for 3rd march
    Colins work permit received friday 2nd may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010
    My work permit applied for 7th may 2008
    My work permit received 27th may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010

    Arrived back in Scotland 21st July 2009


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