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Thread: Hi from Cape Town

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    Smile Hi from Cape Town

    Hi everyone. So glad I came across this site. Needed to look at photos of beautiful NZ to remind myself again why we are going through this. Hubby left end of July and managed to get a fantastic job offer. Murphy stuck his ugly head out and my daughters (aged 10 & 14) and I will only be able to join him in January. PLEASE tell me others also wenth through this. I do realize it will all be worth it in the end, but some days are just a lot harder than others. Hope to gain lots of useful info on the site and once we're in NZ, hope to offer support to whoever needs it. Keep well
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    Welcome, Cath!
    That's a bit of a wait you have. At least now you're closer to the end than the beginning. If we do move over, I'll probably have a similar wait because of the cats. We're in the US, and need to go through a rabies vaccination & confirmation ordeal that takes six months. After two false starts with it in anticipation of moving, I decided to wait until it is a surety. I figure the wait will give me a chance to get things in order at the old homestead.
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    to MTNZ Cath. Sorry to hear about your long wait until you join hubby, but it's a good excuse to learn all you can about what's ahead of you in your new life and prepare yourself. Great news about the fantastic job offer. That will get you off to a good start anyway. Hope he's enjoying the work. Which part of NZ is he in?

    Look forward to having you around.
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