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Thread: I am in Auckalnd and I want to meet with friends

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    Default I am in Auckalnd and I want to meet with friends

    Hello everybody we are Fernanda and Gustavo and we just arrive in NZ and we don't know exactly how to meet people or where to go. if somebody can tell us we will appreciate your help. We are looking a job to find the way to immigrate. Thank you

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    Hi to both of you. Hope you are finding life in Auckland is good.

    If you want to meet people the best way is to go out and interact with them. You could buy some local newspapers and look through the adverts to see if there are any clubs, groups or meetings of people who have similar interests to you that you could join. In that way you would have something in common right from the beginning. Also you could ask around what are good things to do or look up on the Internet what is available in Auckland. If you are sporty you could join a Health Club or gym. Perhaps evening classes to learn something new? Go anywhere that people gather together and wear a friendly smile on your face. That's all you need. It may take a little while for people to get used to seeing you around but, if you are friendly to others, they should, in turn, be friendly to you. I wouldn't say that you would find best friends immediately, but it's a start. Don't push it and things will happen in good time.

    Good luck with the job hunt . Once you find jobs and start work you will, hopefully, make friends and get to hear what goes on in and around the city.
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