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Thread: We are moving to NZ soon !!

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    Default We are moving to NZ soon !!

    Hi, My husband and 10 year old son are moving to Nz In December...its all getting really exciting here, we have someone who has nade an offer on our house so we are keeping our fingers crossed that everything will go through. We havent jobs to go to ( as yet) but Jo, who is a lecturer has been shortlisted for a job and has several others he is applying for. We came out to NZ 18 months ago to have a recky and loved the South Island and of cause fell in love with Golden Bay, so ideally we would like to be based there but if we have to start off else where no problems. What I would like to know is - can you give me any tips on moving our two dogs out here, who can you reccommend and if we cant find a rental that will take dogs before Christmas can anyone reccomend a kennels near Christchurch. Our timing is awful I know we couldnt have picked a worse time to come over ( christmas holidays) can anyone offer us any friendly advise?

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    Welcome to the forum, Wackers.

    Congratulations on the house offer. Fingers crossed that it all goes through smoothly and you have one less thing to worry about.

    Golden Arrow has a good name for shipping dogs. If you use the search facility near the top of the forum and tap in, say, Arrow, dogs, pets or anything similarly related, it should bring up some previous posts about shipping dogs. You could also look on our NZ Website List where there are a few links under Pet Shippers, including one for a kennels near Christchurch.
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    Welcome to the forum. As MB says - Golden Arrow are excellent for shipping animals. Not the cheapest but not the most expensive. They provide a more 'personal' doggy service. As fro kennels near Chch I haven't tried any out yet but have had one recommended to me Bunny Lodge – Christchurch Boarding Kennel and Cattery, New Zealand I have contacted them in the past and the rates seem reasonable.
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