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Thread: Hello from Alex ...and a tad confused.

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    Default Hello from Alex ...and a tad confused.

    Hi everyone.
    Im Alex from the North Shore Auckland.
    Been in NZ 6 months now on a WTR Visa (it seemed the logical option on the forms)

    I have been employed as a programmer for the last 5 months with a WTR visa in the the ole passport.

    I submited an EOI about 6 weeks ago and then selected 2 weeks after that, I was asked for some additional info, ie:- Letter from the company that I am working for, payslip copies etc.

    Today an Employment agent I saw advised me that the EOI route im a taking to get my PR is a the wrong way to do it and that its meant for poeple who are overseas and not in NZ yet.

    Im now rather confused. Is there a way to apply for PR without getting an ITA?

    It doesnt seem likely and im very cofused indeed. I emailed the immigration officer that was assigned to my case, today, and he said that my documents have been sent to the Central Verification Unit to be verified on the 21/08/2008. (anyone know timings on this part perhaps, I guess it will vary acroding to the situation)

    Ontop of this however he advised me asking for updates slows the process down and that he would update my agent(!)

    This confused me even further as i dont HAVE an agent and never did, since Im just doing the whole thing on my own.

    So now im really all jumbled up. Could anyone shed some light on this for me? Perhaps the "Dont call us we'll call your agent", is a standard copy and paste response?

    Any help and comments will be much appreciated.

    ahh yes and Im from South Africa, Johannesburg originaly. Trust me, theres NO place like NZ! I found it tough to sleep the first bit because even in Auckland as busy as it can be, its quiet at night. (No dogs barking and making a noise either, back in SA you could hear the dogs going ape anytime someone walked down the road, I REALLY dont miss that at all)

    Thanks for any replies.
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    Hi Alex from the North Shore Auckland . to MTNZ.

    You do seem to be getting some conflicting information. For a start, not that many applicants use an agent so it's not a given that you would have one. There is no reason why your immigration case officer should assume you have one. Perhaps you need to put him right on this point.

    If you have been working on a WTR visa you would need to submit an EOI, if you have sufficient points, and continue with your residency application like anyone else, whether in NZ or overseas. INZ appears to be processing your EOI application and you have been selected, so I would hope that means everything is going well for you. Perhaps the employment agent was getting confused with the other type of WTR visa that can be awarded when you have already submitted an EOI and an ITA, but they aren't 100% sure you will settle well in NZ. They grant this WTR visa to give people time to find a job and prove that they can settle. Once this has been done, the applicant can proceed on to residency.
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    Hi MotherBear and thank you most kindly for your reply.

    I did mention to the gentleman in question that I do not have an agent and in that email asked him if there could be more than one EOI with the same number. I got a one liner stating that there could not be more than one of the same number (this I assumed) Rather 'friendly' chap this. One can get a 'feel' from a 'tone of voice' so to speak that he is very forth coming and helpfull (NOT) Not that I find this unusual, dealing with any Government Department in Africa is a down right nightmare, so Ive become quite accustomed to this

    But no worries, like you mention, I did have enough points, 160 all told with experience and the job in hand etc.

    I suspected that there is only one way to do this processes, from all my reseach on the net the last 2 years, everything shows that this is the only way to do.

    I should know better than to lend my ears out, I guess Ive fallen into the trap of simply wanting it to be true, to somehow 'speed' things up. Logic dictates otherwise however. Like most people doing this little jaunt, sometimes it can really mess with your head.

    The WTR visa I have is tied directly to a specified company, as they gave me the job offer. Ive done a bit of a look see around the forum and saw only the one post (from a South African Lady) on altering job while on a WTR Visa.

    Ill be going through that particular process in the near future as the company has announced redundancies. So its another round of paperwork, fresh stress that they will issue an alteration or a new one all together etc.

    Only thing I can truly say is that I gotta keep at it one way or the other. Theres no turnign back, no stopping, ever

    Right before this turns into a novel....!

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