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    Talking This is me (and my lot)

    Hi, I'm Margot, I have dual and hold both passports. My husband and 3 kids have uk citizenship. We are planning on moving to Oz. This would be easy for me cos my oz citizenship means I have rights to permanent residence in Nz. We're not so sure about how we have to go through the route for the rest of them. My middle child (Naomi) is deaf and has other mobility issues although she's really (not just rose tinted glasses honest) bright. If I wasn't an Oz citizen not sure that she'd make it through the medicals but hoping that won't be such an issue the family route. My sister and her family have had perm residence visas and been in Chch for about 3 years now.
    Starting the process off with the form filling and getting qualification recognition. Any help and advice particularly around Naomi and medical stuff would be very appreciated.
    I've loved looking round the forum.

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    Margot. Welcome to the forum.

    It mentions in here about bringing family into NZ under the Family Category but states that you need to be a NZ citizen or resident, so I don't know how you go about claiming your NZ status. It's usually straight forward when a kiwi wants to take their family back to NZ, but I can't find anything so far on someone with Oz citizenship.

    This is the criteria by which INZ determines whether or not someone is going to be a 'burden' as they call it, on their health service.

    A4.30 Factors considered when determining acceptable standard of health (26/07/1999)
    See A4 Effective 28/11/2005

    The three main areas to be considered by the consultant physician in evaluating the applicant's (and any accompanying dependants') standard of health, and whether or not they will be a burden on the health services of New Zealand, are:
    the condition and prognosis of the applicant
    the resources required for care
    the availability of the required resources.
    In each of these areas several factors are considered, as outlined below.

    A4.30.1 Condition and Prognosis
    Under this heading, the following factors may be considered:
    a. the disease/disability and the stage of the disease/disability, including symptoms;
    b. the treatment and likely duration of symptoms;
    c. the probable quality of life, and/or functioning;
    d. life expectancy;
    e. the likely course of disease (eg, remission periods, increasing disability over time, etc).

    A4.30.5 Resources required for care
    The resources required for care are likely to include the following:
    a. hospitalisation/treatment;
    b. the likely frequency of hospital admissions;
    c. the need for immediate treatment;
    d. the need for ongoing secondary/tertiary/specialist care;
    e. the availability and need for ongoing medication or high cost medication;
    f. ongoing management and/or treatment required;
    g. support services likely to be used and frequency of use; ie:
    i. primary services (GP, home nursing, other health professionals, etc),
    ii. community health services (home help, meals on wheels, day care, forms of relief care, etc),
    iii. specific disability support services (appliances, residential care, etc).

    A4.30.10 Availability of the required resources
    Factors relating to the availability of resources needed by the applicant may include the following:
    a. whether the type of condition is treated in New Zealand, or managed in New Zealand;
    b. whether the hospital-based care services required are restricted to certain levels of clinical need (eg, elective surgery) or are unlikely to be supplied in New Zealand;
    c. whether other treatment/investigation/management required is clinically restricted (eg, specialist-only pharmaceuticals);
    d. whether any other health support services required have waiting times or are not available immediately or restricted according to clinical urgency, or there are other resource constraints.
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