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Thread: Just beginning the process

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    Smile Just beginning the process

    Hi everyone,
    After a year away from the forum, I've returned - and that's because I've (dare I say finally?) got the good lady wife to agree that at least considering a move to NZ is worth looking into.
    We've decided to use an agency called The Emigration Group. It gets good testimonials and, I hope, will smoothen the process and help us to avoid mistakes and omissions in the paperwork and administrative process. I wonder if any other Forum watchers have experience of this (or a similar) agency or have any strong views about the rights or wrongs of choosing this route. My only concern is the potential expense, but then we are paying for expertise and if that expedites the process, that's value for money, I suppose.
    I'm a primary school teacher and would love to hear from anyone else in the teaching profession, particularly those who have made the move recently.
    Anyway, I'll be dropping in whenever possible to read everyone's posts and, hopefully, start to get a feel for the eventual moving and settling process.

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    Hi Gordon, welcome back to the fold and congratulations on getting your lady wife to consider moving to NZ.

    Immigration consultants.... they are a mixed lot. Where a lot of them are concerned it's money for old rope, as they say. All they do is collate all the paperwork and information you have to scrape together in the first place. You find you are doing all the work while they sit back and wait for you to do it. We have heard many complaints about consultants in the past. However, there are a few that are reputable, but it's a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff. There is one consultancy attached to this forum which I've posted a link to on another thread or you can find them on the Main Website under 'Consultants'. I think The Emigration Group are OK, although I haven't heard anything of them for a while, but that could be good news rather than bad in this case . In the end, unless your case is particularly difficult, you can complete the immigration process yourself with help from forums like this, so don't be afraid if you want to try.
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    Welcome (back!) to the forum, Gordon and congrats on the wife's decision

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