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Thread: Work to Residency route?

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    Thumbs up Work to Residency route?


    I am a separated 48yrs old mom of three and a half kids (the cutest is my 3yr old grand-daughter), ex-Zimbabwean and now living in the UK, desperately trying to get into NZ.

    Iíve been advised that I cannot get into NZ through the Skilled Work route, but think I can get in through the Work to Residence route. Iím pretty certain I can earn the required minimum salary necessary with my bookkeeping background, and pass the police and medical tests, but I am confused about several issues with the employment side, but have no-one to give me the answers, so am stuck.

    It seems I must pass the med & police checks and get a 'job with an 'acredited' firm in NZ before I leave everything here and fly out. what exactly does getting a job with an accredited company mean ,and is that all I need to do before I book a flight out?

    also, can anyone give me the name of an agency that will work with Work to Residency clients, who are reasonably priced and give good service Ė I hear there are several agencies who claim they are great, but are a waste of money.

    I am desperate to go to NZ, and I find doing this on my own is extremely daunting. Thanks for any info and help

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    Hi Snoopy and a big to you.

    This is a list of accredited employers. Basically, they are companies who have been vetted and approved for employing overseas people. Getting a job offer from such a company is only part of the application process for a WTR visa. You would have to submit your paperwork and then wait for the visa to be granted before you can confidently take off for NZ. This is a quick check for the WTR visa.

    We have a consultancy attached to the forum, which is tried and trusted, if you really feel you need one. They can help with immigration visas and also help find you a job, if necessary. You can read up on them here.

    Good luck with the process and your dream of getting to NZ.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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