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Thread: hi i am new here

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    Default hi i am new here

    hi everybody,

    i just found this forum and i am really grateful that I have found it!
    I am from Austria and I have been doing my internship in Auckland for 4 month this year. Unfortunately I had to go back to Austria to finish my BA but now I am ready for New Zealand I will come back my arrival is supposed to be in the end of september.
    For the first time i will just come as a visitor because the WHV is not possible for me...but let s see...reading all your stories helps me to get to know every little detail which is important to move to New Zealand....
    In my case I will maybe try to apply for the working permit under everybody who has tried it please tell me about your experience...the story of kiaora was very helpful for me

    bye bye, anita

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    If you are hoping to apply for a WP under partnership I guess you have a kiwi partner, which is great. Kiaora is a very helpful member and will hopefully be able to assist you along the way.

    Good luck!
    Mother Bear

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    Default thanks for the welcoming


    yes I have a New Zealander as my partner:) and I am very optimistic to get the WP under partnership.
    Just in case if not my registration at the Nursing Council is also in progress but it will maybe take another 6 month because I missed the required 7 points of the IELTS... I had just 6.5 in two of the four parts but anyway I will improve my english in the next 6 month and then try the test in Auckland again...has anybody experience to improve from a score band 6.5 up to 7.0 within 6 month? Is this time enough? My result was:
    listening: 7.5
    reading: 7.0
    speaking: 6.5
    writing: 6.5

    overall score:7.0

    thanks, Anita


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