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Thread: Hi everyone - Daughter off to Rotorua

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    Default Hi everyone - Daughter off to Rotorua

    Well, at last the news has arrived. Our (26yrs old - single) daughter has been offered a teaching post in Rotorua. She starts in August ('08) and is just finalising the necessary paperwork/Work to Residency visa etc. She's already had her qualifications/skills assessed, and got her EoI 'agreed' - or whatever it is that happens! It's been her long-standing ambition to live and work in N.Z. so as you can guess she's pretty excited about it all.

    However, whilst she's visited the country a couple of times previously, it's only when a 'permanent move' is so close that all the practical questions arise! And mum & dad get the task of helping sort some answers!

    Her plan is to initially find somewhere to rent in the immediate Rotorua area, and convenient for commuting in to work. BUT....(isn't there always a 'but'??)
    She is adamant about having her choc Labrador sent over asap - so that means finding a rental property which allows a pet. Reading through the posts on here, that sounds as if it might prove v. difficult. She plans to use Golden Arrow Shipping to fly the dog over - anyone got practical experiences of using them?

    The current plan is that we will join her in September for +/- 5 months.
    The longer term plan is for her to buy her own place once she feels 'at home' and has sorted herself out. And whether that be Rotorua or elsewhere in N.Z. depends largely on her work situation. However, we all hope that she will be able to 'sponsor' us to join her once she gets residency; albeit that will necessitate a 3 year gap as she can only do it after having been a 'resident' for 3 years.

    Initially, she's planning on shipping clothing and personal items using her full baggage allowance on the N. American route with Air N.Z. We are currently looking into the costs/practicalities of shipping her household effects (furniture, electrical goods etc etc) and maybe her car over but so much will depend on whether/where she finds suitable rental accommodation.

    Personally, we (mum and dad) have to stop ourselves getting too excited - we just hope we can join her for good once she gets settled and can arrange things for us.

    As an aside, I am in my 60's and a retired teacher. I've been teaching for most of my life, with specific experience in teaching Children with Learning Difficulties. I was amazed to be told that I could easily get myself a teaching job once there- but maybe only part-time, which sounds great in itself - despite my advanced years!! Wow - better not let hubby know, he'd have me off to work in a flash so he could enjoy the water, walking and hunting lifestyle!!!

    Cheers to all,

    Me and 'im

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    Hi oatesey0 and to the forum. Can't help with any of your questions as we haven't arrived yet but we have booked Golden Arrow to ship our dogs - I have only heard of good things about them. Hope all goes well with your daughters plans - and yours
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    Hi Oatesey and .

    Golden Arrow does seem to have a good name and is very popular with those making the big move. You can't please everyone all the time, of course, but they seem to be as good as you get.

    Is there any possibility that your daughter can get in touch with her new school to ask if anyone knows of rental accommodation that accepts pets? Someone might know someone who knows of somewhere, you know how it goes.

    Where shipping her belongings to NZ is concerned, I guess it's a case of weighing up the cost of shipping as compared to the cost of replacing and whether what she has will fit into a new place. This is a problem a lot of us have to face - to take or not to take.

    I don't think there is an age limit in NZ where you are considered too old to work, so you can basically do what you like for as long as you like.
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    Thanks MotherBear and Nickydwuk.
    Daughter has contacted her new school, and good news as there may well be some accommodation available with another staff member. That will help her in the immediate to short term. At least then she can look around and plan accordingly.

    Hope all goes well for you Nickydwuk. As for the dog transfer - Golden Arrow certainly seem professional and 'on the ball', so to speak. We are just getting a quote at the moment - so fingers crossed.

    Our daughter is taking as much as she can get away with weight wise on the Air New Zealand flight (via N America) - and we are getting detailed quotes for shipping her other stuff out on assumption she'll want it towards year end.

    As an aside Motherbear - my quip about my working was really just that - a quip. I was indeed surprised about the enthusiasm and confidence of the agent who spoke to me saying that I'd get a job without any problems, but I'm looking for a relaxing time not more school room pressures! That said, it might be fun to do some part-time work and get out from under hubby's feet!!

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