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    Hi everybody,
    can anyone tell us what childrens clubs are available in the christchurch area,
    and how poular is football (soccer) in this area, also are there any kids football clubs??
    Bucks Fizz

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    Hi Bucks fizz, welcome to MTNZ.

    We have a few people down in Christchurch so, with a bit of luck, they will be able to give you some answers to your queries when they wake up to another day. It's sleep time down under just now so I guess there won't be many around for a while. Meanwhile, enjoy the forum and we look forward to having you around .
    Mother Bear

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    Welcome Bucks fizz

    Sorry i dont think i can really answer you question.

    However, My hubby was looking into football in Christchurch and it turned out to be more popular than he thought it would. There are lots of amateur clubs, who play for fun. Some of these were adult teams but i am sure they have lots of kids teams also.

    Check this one out... hubby was lookin at this... plus they have kids stuff!
    Cashmere Wanderers AFC - Home Page

    Good luck in your search..

    Caz xxx
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    Hi Bucks Fizz
    There is a lot of football here,actually a friend of ours whos been here for 13 yr said that the kiwis are getting worried as its taking kids away from rugby.Dont know if this is true though.
    His son is in local team and he coaches them
    Dont know about kids clubs though,i know theres a kickboxing one next to us.
    Im pretty new here,so still exploring things myself
    Hubby also had a few numbers to phone for teams for himself.But since hes started work he doesnt seem to have time now
    So its becomming quite popular and i would surmise that all areas have their own teams.
    Theres a few teams around where i live,hubbys watched a couple games.

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    Hello and welcome.


    This Kiwi is home at last.

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    Welcome..... yep pleant of kids footie clubs about here (Chch) and a lot of adult ones too, if you drive past Hagley park on the weekend there is alwys plenty going on, Im sure hw will have no prob in finding a team
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