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Thread: I'm back!!! (with a vengeance too!)

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    Default I'm back!!! (with a vengeance too!)

    Hey guys!

    I'm back, and will try to post a lot more regularly (more than once in 6 months!). Shoot, I've already done like 5 today!!

    In case you had any doubts it's really me (and not an imposter logging on for me), I've made reference to Al Sheepa, called myself a doctor (ok, never done that one before), and used some small font (subliminals I like to call em....take a little more effort to read, but worth it for the secret message...I think anyway!).

    I've still got a monster post to make about criteria and contact info for various things (citizenship, superannuation, kiwisaver) that I've come across in my time in NZ. I've got it all typed up, but it's in excel and I need to take some time to edit it and make it readable on a forum.


    So what's new with me?
    --I'm still in Welly (ok, not new. But I'm right next to Cuba Street)
    --Was in Brisbane for 2 months last year (June-August)
    --Starting in August I had a job for 5 months, til the contract ended.
    --I Think the IT shortages thing is a marketing ploy. There's plenty of people going after jobs....there will be some specialised areas that are in need of people though....I did limit myself to 2-3 month contracts as I was planning on going to Europe in July of this year, but that's not happening that definitely limited my choices for a bit.
    --I've got a GF that's a yoga instructor and dancer/choreographer (since Jan)
    --Al Sheepa is about to make it to the bigtime and get onto Facebook. First Facebook, then NZ, and finally the world!!!
    --I'm playing rugby now. It's in a division where you have to be under 85kg, so you can't get smashed by any big fellas. Yay!
    --Starting work on Wednesday, after 3 months of chillin. Looking forward to it.
    --D'D'D'D'Dats all folks!

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    Good to have you back Mr Carman. We were just talking about you a short while ago, wondering where you'd got to!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Welcome Back. Hope to see you around some more.
    We are now in Welli (well Camborne now) and loving it. OH loves Cuba street!

    Flights booked for 24th March 2008!
    Landed in Wellington 26th March 2008!!

    Job Offer Received 9th July 2008!

    Temp Work Permit application submitted 11th July 2008!
    Temp Work Permit approved 4th August 2008!

    EOI Submitted 11th July 2008!
    EOI Selected 16th July 2008!
    EOI 'Successful' 1st August 2008!
    ITA Received 8th August 2008!
    ITA Aplication accepted 26th September!

    APROVED in Principle 10th June 2009!!!!
    Residency Visa issued 7th July 2009!!!!!

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    I'm glad you finally emerged from the Al Sheepa cave, James. I wonder if those woolies that are now near Dawn are some of your operatives? Hmmmm.

    Be sure to track us all down on Facebook. I'm sure you'll collect members for Al Sheepa there.
    If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.
    - Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, mid-1800s

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    Hey James, I've only just seen your post. Welcome back man. Sounds like a lots has happened since you were last on the forum. Well done on the rugby front. It'll be the making (or breaking) of you for sure. Have you got your tickets for the Super 14 semis?

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