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Thread: medical waiver

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    Red face medical waiver

    If granted immigration on a medical waiver what happens on my arrival in New Zealand.

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    Do you mean permanent residency? You will just be issued a permit and let loose in New Zealand! If you've been granted residency, then thats all there is to it, unless there are any special conditions on your visa which you must adhere to.

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    I am very interested in your question regarding medical waiver. Have you heard if you have been accepted under a medical waiver? if so how long did you have to wait for a reply?

    We are going through the last leg of the medical assessor and we are waiting to hear this week if he will reject us. Which we know for sure due to the cost of our sons treatment.

    We are then hoping to be offered the possiblity of applying for a medical waiver. Mt husband has a job offer under the skills shortage and we hope this will be taken into consideration. Very nervous times ahead. I would love to hear any information you may have.

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