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    Default Hi everyone

    Hi I'm at the very begining of our move to NZ so I at a bit of a lose as to which is the best company to use to help get us over there.
    My husband is a time served joiner/carpenter and tiler while I'm in retail management.
    I've got 2 children from a previous marriage ages 12 and 9.
    I would welcome any advice you may have to offer.
    We have never been to NZ but have thought long and hard about all of the options open to us and decided that NZ was the place for us as a family.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon XX

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    Hi, welcome to the forum

    When you say you're at a loss as to which company to use, do you mean a migration consultant? Using a company to get to NZ is not required, and most people are able to get through the process themselves, or with the help of forums like these. Only use a migration agent if you feel you simply can't approach the application without the professional support, in which case take a look around this forum for discussions on reliable agents to use - there's been a lot of discussions!

    Have you enquired about permission to take your children abroad? If you don't get permission from the childrens father, you may need to approach a court to get the permission. Several of our members have experienced this, so you should get some great advice on this matter.

    Your husband is in great demand at the moment, so at least you shouldnt have a problem gaining residency and getting a job!

    Hope that helps

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    Firstly welcome

    May I say this is a great place for getting advise and information. From what you've said, you shouldn't have too many problems with your emigration.

    As Taffy said, you will need to get permission to bring your children.

    Also, there is no need to use a migration company - we've done it alone and saved a fortune with the help from the people here! Have a good scout around on Fill in their points indicator - ideally you want 140 points, but you can proceed with 100.

    One sneaky piece of advise ... after gathering as much information as you can, then contact a migration agent and on the pretence of using them, discuss what routes etc they'd apply etc. I did this, and managed to ascertain where to claim points etc and which categories to put on my EOI.

    All the best, and fire away!!

    EOI Submitted 8th July 2007, 140 points no job offer.
    EOI Selected 18th July 2007
    ITA pack received 12th Oct 2007
    Completed ITA posted to NZIS 26th November 2007
    Case Officer assigned approx 22nd Feb 2008
    Immigration interview 7th May 2008
    PR AIP 10th May 2008
    Arrived in NZ, August 13th

    Check out our website ->

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    from me, too.

    Here's a brief previous post about getting permission regarding removing a child from the country, but it also contains another link to further information.

    I've copied and pasted this from another thread to give you an idea of where to start your immigration process.

    Basically, to submit a successful EOI you need to get 100 points or more. You also need to have skills that NZ needs and the relevant recognised qualifications to back them up. Work experience in the same field is required too.

    This is where it all starts.....
    The points system
    The points indicator
    The points table
    The Long Term Skill Shortage List which is where you look to see if your job title is required in NZ.

    Good luck.
    Mother Bear

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    Default Thanks

    HI thanks for the advice I thought about do the application my self so I think I will and save our money!!!!
    I have approched the kids dad and he's said no!! But i expected that I think he will come round if not I will be going down the legal route.
    Were looking at the move taking about 3yrs in total.
    I'm so relived I found this site I cant wait to get started were all so excited!!


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