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Thread: Hi I am just at the start....

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    Default Hi I am just at the start....

    Hello all

    We are looking to immigrate to NZ in the future, but I am not sure if we can do it as our case is a bit complicated..

    My husband has a double-glazing installation business, and as an installer he is not on the skills occupation list. Presumabley we would have to go on a work to residence? Has anyone had any experience of WTR? I have seen window installer jobs, but as it is not on the list, could my hubby still apply? He has no qualifications in this, his training was on the job.

    My second hurdle is that our 5 year-old daughter has cerebral palsy, which affects her legs. She goes to a mainstream school, can walk and run (at a slower pace) but she is under a community paediatrition. Does anyone know if I can find out if this affects migration?

    Sorry to bombard you with some difficult questions, but any advice or a point in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

    Take care


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    Hi Nat and

    This is a list of medical conditions deemed to be a problem . Things that INZ look at are expensive medication, needing full time care or hospitalisation - anything that does, or will in the future, cost the health service in money or time.

    To apply under the WTR category your hubby would need a job offer from an accredited employer . A bit more about applying under this category.

    If you look here it mentions being 'suitably qualified' but I don't know if a certain number of years of experience would count as being qualified. I've had a look around but can't find a listing for double glazing installer anywhere. Glazier is on the Immediate Skill Shortage List .

    Does your husband wish to start his own business in NZ. If so, perhaps he could take a look at the Long Term Business Visa as it may be a way in for him. It's not the easiest of visas to apply for but it might work for him.
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