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Thread: Please let NZ work out???

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    Wink Please let NZ work out???

    Hi there!

    I'm contemplating a move to New Zealand sometime in the near future. I think it would take a year or so to get all my ducks in a row back home before I could up & leave for (good???) an undetermined amount of time.

    After reading through so many peoples stories, struggles, and achievements, I think the year to plan is a very good thing (and perhaps a longer amount of time might even be better!)

    About me:

    I'm a 24 year-old living in Minnesota, USA. I moved to San Francisco for a year in 2006, and loved the experience. I've been thinking about New Zealand since I was just a kid, and now I am starting to entertain the thought of a more permanent move to NZ.

    I have loads of questions, and have scoured all sorts of NZ websites looking for answers, but it seems to me you are the friendliest, so thank you!

    I'll post my questions in the appropriate threads, but wanted to say hello to everyone first!


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    Hey Scott,

    I will take you under my wing cos my eldest boy is called Scott (although he's only 17, not 24!) but he still lives in the UK and I miss him a lot, so.......

    Welcome to the forum, glad to have you with us We pride ourselves on having lots and lots and lots of friendly members (and are also a little ashamed/scared sometimes of the kinda crazy ones ), so ask away any questions you may have and someone will come along with the answer!

    Any particular reason you've chosen NZ?

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    Ever since I was a little kid, the idea captivated me. In middle school I started to look into studying abroad as a high schooler. My folks had a few tough years (grandma died, uncle died, sister was broke in college) during high school, so I thought "well I'll do it in college then."

    I was all set to go in college, but had been dating my girlfriend for 3 years or so. Her mom, knowing we were getting serious, gave me the "if you love my daughter you won't leave her for a year" speech, so I didn't go then.

    3 years later & a brief marriage to said girlfriend later, I've decided to finally make that trip that I've always wanted to. Except this time I'm not sure if I'm going to come back. I have no idea how long I'll stay, but I figure i have to go there looking to get the very most out of it, and I won't do that if I have a finite date to leave.

    I'm not sure where my fascination comes from. It seemed so boring to do the Europe thing like everyone else from the states does. I started looking at alternatives, and NZ stood out more than anything else...

    I'd be happy to roost under your wing


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