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Thread: From Brittany to NZ

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    Smile From Brittany to NZ

    Firstly let me say what a wonderful site. We have similar that I use in France but no where as helpful or detailed, good job.

    So a little about ourselves, we are a young Scottish couple who have been living in France for the past 4 years. We have ? children 9 years and 9 mnths, young teenager and toddler, not the best combination with hindsight

    We are considering a move to NZ as we need something more than France will ever be able to offer us and we think NZ has that... whatever IT is.

    We are looking forward to the challenge ahead and by the sounds of it, it will be a challenge. We look forward to meeting new people on the forum and with a bit of luck and a good helping of hard work, meeting some of you in person.

    Kirsten & Paul

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    Hi both

    Welcome to MoveToNZ. It's been a bit quiet on here lately with folks being busy with one thing or another or away on holiday, so a couple of new faces are very welcome.

    If you're read recent posts on here, you'll no doubt have seen that our Kate (Burgundy21) has also been living in France and only just jetted off to her new life downunder this very day - at least I hope the plane took off and she and her family were on it . Guess we'll have to wait until she's settled before we find out.

    Have you any idea when you'll be making the big move and where you'll be heading to? You're very welcome to pick our brains if there's anything you want to ask so, just pull up a chair and make yourselves at home. If you haven't got any questions to ask, feel free to join in the friendly banter in the Coffee House.
    Mother Bear

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    Hi guys, welcome to the forum!

    There's a lot of people looking for 'IT' in their lives, and many people find it in NZ. Of course, 'IT' is different for everyone, but here's hoping it's there for you too!

    Good to have you on board

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.


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