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Thread: Derbyshire for Dunedin??

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    Default Derbyshire for Dunedin??

    The hub and I are just starting to get ourselves organised to make the big move from sunny England to sunnier (!) Dunedin. I am a nurse and he is in sales.
    We would be grateful for any tips, hints, advice, warnings etc that anyone may be able to offer!
    We have thought about this for a long, long time and are excited that it is starting to look like a real possibility!
    Cheers! We look forward to reading any replies!! x

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    Hi Purdy,

    to MoveToNZ.

    I can't make out from your post whether you've already done the paperwork chase to get permanent residency in NZ or whether you're just about to start it.

    If you are new to the game, as a nurse you shouldn't have any problem getting into NZ, so that's one thing less to worry about. I think the main thing about immigrating and the process involved is to do as much research as possible. You must have been doing some anyway if you've already latched onto the idea of going to Dunedin. That's where Mark (Macfod on here) now lives and they love it there.

    Once you start the paperwork, or even before, feel free to come on here to ask questions if there's anything specific you need to know. The whole immigration process is huge with lots of different nooks and crannies along the way, so it's best if you ask questions relevant to yourselves rather than us spout about things you don't really want to know or know already.
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    Hi Purdy and welcome to the forum.

    I too am a nurse and have been lucky enough to get a job offer in Christchurch. I don't know how far down the track you are but one word of advice I would give is to start getting your documents etc... ready for your NZNC registration now. And make sure you send it off in plenty of time.

    I was told to allow up to 9 months for it but I didn't quite believe it. Now I do. I sent mine off on 5th August and last week they told me (after I contacted them!!!) that they were still waiting for the transcript from my Uni (it was sent on 24th August). So I have had to contact them again and ask them to resend it. Thankfully I am friends with the administrator so she isn't charging me the usual ?35 . So it looks like I might not get it until the New Year.

    If you are just at the beginning of your journey and really serious about emigrating then start it now. Once you have registration you have it for life.

    Good luck with it all and keep us posted
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    Hi Purdy,

    Just a welcome from me I have no other insightful information to part with - not just yet anyway!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Greetings from Dunedin

    Hi welll, lots to tell soon..
    But the basics as always mentioned.
    Do your homework and look closely into this big move.
    Make lots of contacts so if need be you can show Immigration at a later stage you have planned and thought of it.

    Yes, Dunedin is a lot sunnier than Derbyshire as I know coming from Stafford/Brum and latterly Guildford.
    But it can be cool as well.

    People will say why Dunedin..well anwer that once you have visited.

    Jobs, well the hospitals is a good one for qualified people.

    Sales, well not much doing here and the money looks pretty poor.
    Saying that having spent 40 years in sales and marketing the qulaity of people is sales is damn awful! ( sorry kiwi's)
    And a constant annoyance to me with poor quality people to deal with.

    Food is getting expensive and I astounded how they can get away with putting prices up so much.
    Butter and dairy going up continuously.

    Wages are prett poor..I pay myself a pittance after spending years on a good high salary that would take me four years to earn here.
    But, we are not here to make money( shock or what! )

    We always headed for Dunedin and still love it!

    Immigration, can be a huge hurdle. but persistance pays as you will know from sales.and never take Immigration at the first word.
    #Especially Dunedin as very few move here.

    People are so so friendly here and mean it!
    Property still pretty cheap...Heating and double glazing- whats thats they say..UPVC is that a british band ! ha ha

    But, thats emought for now as I and currently working on my NZ to date for people.
    But ask any quesions about Dunedin and I'l answer to my best experience

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    Welcome! I may not be much help in the advice department, but I'll be sure to put in my two cents worth now and again.
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    - Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, mid-1800s

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    Hello again.
    Thanks for replies.... the questions (and there are many) are coming!
    Have spent quite a bit of time browsing round the site, theres so much helpful info to be found! Just off to start posting...


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