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    Default Hi All

    Evening/Morning all first of all an appology for putting something like this in wrong place to start please forgive me. Now im in early stages of thinking about a move to NZ i am 43 yrs of age live with partner and 10 yr old daughter I have family (aunt, uncle and 4 cousins) in North Island and am looking to be somewhere nr Auckland (Mt Albert) to be near my cousin who works in Ponsonby like many on here i am lost as to where to start so any help would be greatly welcommed


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    Nash and welcome to MoveToNZ.

    The NZIS site is a good place to start when you're thinking of making a move to NZ, although it can be a bit daunting and confusing. Best thing is to have a look through it and then ask questions on here.

    Great to have rellies already in NZ as they can give you some inside info on the country and you won't be alone when you first arrive.
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    Hey Nash, welcome from me too

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    Welcome Nash. I recall being intimidated at the idea of the immigration process, but found it wasn't that bad. Not that I've got a URL at hand, but I suspect NZIS has the initial point evaluator on its website, so you can easily find out if you qualify. There is oodles of useful info lurking on this site. Jump in and have fun!
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