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Thread: Hello from South Africa

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    Default Hello from South Africa

    Hi all!

    We are a South African couple currently in the process of applying for PR. There is no better term to describe stress!

    We have employed an agent, which I suppose makes things a bit easier, but the long wait for documents is draining me emotionally. I have caught myself wondering if it is all worth it (we have 2 dogs we are taking as well and the cost is enormous... but we cannot leave them behind!).

    We have a score of 125 without job offers and I worry that it is not enough. We have been applying for jobs nonstop but always with the same response: "You need to be in NZ." I am begining to hate that sentence! Obviously an offer of employment would push our points up quite substantially, but getting the position is another story altogether!
    Our main reason for wanting to leave SA is the crime. We want a safer life, and NZ proved to be the only place we both want to live. Also, I have family in Hamilton and we have friends in Auckland - but Dunedin has captured our hearts and minds! It is also the only area in NZ we have had positive responses from regarding employment... (once we get there of course!)

    We are thinking of coming over in February regardless of where we are in the PR process and trying to get work permits when we arrive - another nightmare!! It is a catch 22 situation: can't get a permit without employment, can't get employment without a permit. What do we do? Can someone offer any words of wisdom? Are there any SA's on this site? Is there anyone who went to NZ as a tourist and got a job while on a tourist visa? Please help! My head is spinning!!!

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    MT2007. Welcome to MoveToNZ.

    I truly sympathise with your predicament . I can't answer fully tonight as it's getting late here and the old brain is a bit fuddled, but I would say that many people have gone to NZ on Visit Visas to look for work and then progressed on to getting PR. However, you shouldn't state this when you go through immigration as they would no doubt take a dim view of it. Migp who joined us recently is also from South Africa .

    You can submit your EOI with 100 points or over and, if you were to get a job you can always contact NZIS and let them know to update your file. What line of work are you in?

    It's always the same old thing, this 'permit first then job offer' idea. There are companies who will make job offers without a permit but you have to dig them out of hiding, I'm afraid. Have you been able to claim any points for having family in NZ?

    Sorry, this is a bit messy and rushed, but just wanted to let you know you aren't on your own in this. Hopefully, others can pile in with their suggestions, too.
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    Welcome to the forum

    My words of wisdom would be to go with the flow. The process is stressful, things can go wrong, things can be delayed, but all in all if you keep your cool and plug away, it'll all come together for you

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.


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