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Thread: Excited!!

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    Default Excited!!

    Joined up about a week ago looking for advice for my husband Paul whose a joiner and not very good with a computer, I'm a secretary/administrator/receptionist, whatever comes along. I'm completely hooked, can't wait to get home from work, get the kids sorted so I can sit down and read the latest news, still getting to grips with the jargon i.e. didnt know what a PM was, but sent a couple and am grateful for the replies.

    It's comforting to get feedback from people who are in the same position, thinking of moving to NZ or already there and what they went through, nice to know that whatever the obstacles there's light at the end of the tunnel.

    The more we read and chat the more exciting Paul and I find it, our daughter whose 9 keeps asking when we're going she can't wait, son of 4 whose a bit too young to understand but justs says whatever when we speak to him about it.

    Again, thanks to those who replied to my PM, sure I'll be bothing some of you again.


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    Hi Tracey,

    Glad you're enjoying your stay with us

    Now you're hooked, be sure to join in with everything, and have a bit of fun. Don't worry about the loonies though, therapy is available at the foyer.

    Welcome aboard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taffy View Post
    Don't worry about the loonies though, therapy is available at the foyer.
    Hi Tracey,

    Speaking from the loonies section - we are harmless!

    Seriously though, glad you are enjoying the forum!


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    Hi Tracey, all this advice is really great when you're hungry for information isn't it? I remember doing just the same as you are now. Some people might find this impossible to believe but I kept quiet for a long time when I first found this site as everyone seemed to be comfortable in the relationships already formed. Crazy really, because everyone who is on here is really, really friendly in fact I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have these great people waiting to met us on the other side. It makes everything less daunting that's for sure!

    Our son was about the same age as your daughter when we first started looking into it and he too was very excited and has remained so. Good luck!
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    Lovely to read your excited post, Tracey. I'm sure it'll rub off on the rest of us. It's such a big event in our lives that we should enjoy and share the excitement as well as the anxiety.

    Good luck with the path you take to get to NZ.

    For future reference, this is a list of the type of abbreviations we use on here.
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