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Thread: Reintroduction: Now a YanKiwi, self exiled from NZ, to return at some point

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    Default Reintroduction: Now a YanKiwi, self exiled from NZ, to return at some point

    Gidday everyone!!

    I used to be really active on here, and got lots of great advice, and met up with Taffy once upon a time on my way moving to Chch for a few months, and a day before first visiting the amazing city that would eventually be my future home of 6 years, Wellington.

    Somewhere on Google Drive possibly, I've got a spreadsheet of various time requirements that I've been there and done that. If no one's posted it, I might try and post it.

    Here's my timeline (including what I've been up to since):

    July 2004 - Arrived in NZ. No visa. They let me stay a few weeks to get one sorted, as the airlines were closed for ticketing at 5am on a Sunday.
    July 2004 - Passport stolen (Mt Wellington, Auckland). Learned what a boot was when the police report was being filed.
    Sep 2004 - Interview with a company in Auckland. Potentially interested, but immigration hurdles for them to sponsor me.
    Oct 2004-Jan 2005 - Lived in Chch for 3 months. Loved it. Couldn't find a job. Went back to Yuckland (sorry, Auckland), that job was there waiting for me. Good time too, was running out of money.
    Mid Sep 2005 - BLUE STICKER! Got residency, based on my IT degree and experience. Mundane job to get a visa didn't need to be included.
    Feb 2006 - Visited Wellington. Loved it.
    Feb 2006 - Resignation turned in the day I got back. More IT jobs in Welly, less people than Auckland to try and get them. Choice cuzzie.
    Mar 2006 - Visited Oz for the first time. Saw the Commonwealth Games by accident. Score.
    Mar 2006 - Moved to Wellington.
    July 2007 - Went to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast for a few months. Acid test - how much do I want to stay in NZ? Should I get back in time to remain eligible for NZ citizenship? What about the girl I'm seeing? Tough decision: NZ over girl. I made it back with 3 days to spare. Right decision, looking back.
    Sep 2007 - Big moment that effects later career and hobbies - When I got back to Welly, I volunteered through Volunteer Wellington at Sailability, where we take people with disabilities out sailing. I had wanted to learn to sail, and volunteer. Double score.
    Sep 2007 - Land 2nd IT job. Hooray.
    Feb 2008 - Considered going to UK on Youth Migrant visa (WHV). Things didn't fall into place, stayed in NZ.
    Aug 2009-Jan 2010 - I left NZ for a 5 month trip around the world. But you can only be out of the country 3 months of a year? Combine those 3 months before/after your Residency anniversary date. Made it back with 2 days to spare. Boomshackalacka.
    2010 - Got more into sailing, landed best IT job to date (even had my own office, but it was in Upper Hutt. A lot more space up there).
    Sep 2010 - 5 year anniversary date. Pre book appointment for citizenship application, all is in order. Application: easiest of my life.
    Oct 2010 - A mere 10 business days later, and I'm approved!! Kia ora bro!
    Dec 2010 - DUAL CITIZEN! Many forks in the road that could have taken me elsewhere, and many obstacles, but I made it. I'm a dual US/NZ citizen. Also, this year marks half of my adult life being in New Zealand, the other half in my birth country.
    2011 - Far off managers overseas decide non customer facing folks should be axed. I'm kept on part time, but this changes my future. It's the beginning of a new voyage.
    2011 - Study for various maritime certifications.
    Nov 2011 - I depart New Zealand for the high seas. Fly to the US in time for Thanksgiving.
    Jan-Feb 2012 - Sail across the Atlantic, France to Martinique to St Martin.
    Apr-Jul 2012 - Sail across the Atlantic again. St Martin to Bermuda (looked hard for a musical triangle. No luck finding a Bermuda Triangle, not sure they exist) to Azores to Gibraltar to French Riviera.
    Aug 2012 - Find a job on a super yacht. Owned by the Chairman of Google. The name of the yacht was Lone Ranger if you want to google it.
    Feb 2013 - Visit home, miss seeing friends and family. Get homesick for the US for the first time in 9 years. (I'm incredibly NZ home sick at the moment, btw. Not an uncommon thing)
    Mar 2014 - Move to Austin, Texas. The most liberal city in the south, the live music capital of the world.....and let's be honest, the warmer, less hilly, less rainy, bigger, version of Wellington. So many similarities. Token Austinite: Token Kiwi. Bars per capita: Bars/restaurants/cafe's per capita.
    July 2015 - Purchased a sailboat, after introducing 250+ people to the sport of sailing.
    Sep 2015 - Writing this essay. Also, sailed alone for the first time last Sunday. Did I mention I'm homesick for NZ? Got a great job at a great data software company though (Tableau), and got a sailboat I sail 3x a week, so.....I'll be back at some point.

    It's such a relief to know I can, as a dual citizen. Shoot, even residency (after 2 years, and getting Indefinite Permanent) was nice. It was a long journey, but totally life changing and amazing.

    If you want to go for citizenship, get a spreadsheet together and make sure your dates are in order if you want to travel significantly. You need to be in the country ~265 days of each year. The year is flexible, I used my Residency anniversary date because I knew I wanted to apply ASAP. Also, if you're an American, don't worry, you can have as many citizenships as countries that will give them to you. I'd like to get a 3rd one day. But, maybe I'm getting greedy. :-)

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    P.S. The name of my sailboat is the Pirate Unicorn. Disbelieve at yer own peril, matey.

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    Welcomeback! Great reintro!

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