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Thread: UK/Singapura Transnational Couple Weighing Their Chances

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    Default UK/Singapura Transnational Couple Weighing Their Chances

    Afternoon everyone, hope this finds you well! I'd like to introduce myself, or rather ourselves - one bloke from the UK (me), one beautiful wife from Singapura. Both white collar professionals aged between 25 and 30, both with 2-3 years work experience, married over a year, both speaking English as a first language. Raised in the UK and North America/ Europe respectively. Both considering the potentially brilliant idea to go to NZ.

    What are our chances of making this work if we do it?

    If my wife and I new that we could both get a job in NZ and settle there to eventually have children, we would get on a plane tomorrow. We are just looking for a place to settle down where we can put a bit of money by and live among friendly people. NZ also offers fantastic scenery, which is a huge plus. I am really warming to the idea of going there.

    So is it difficult for Brits? Is it difficult for SG passport holders? Is it easy for married couples to reside together in NZ if one party is employed?

    I'd just like some feedback. How would we do it? As a UK and SG citizen, how long can we be in the country to look for work? We both have 2-3 years experience as events managers in international companies and speak English as a first language. Should we try and go for a job for me and spousal for my wife, for example? What are realistic waiting times like once you have a job offer and are waiting for your work visa? Are we talking days, weeks or months? Similiarly for spousal visa - how long do people wait for that? And can the spouse be in the country while the application is going through? We don't want to be separated (hence why we are not keen on the six, nine or even twelve months we would have to spend apart to be in the UK together, for example).

    Apologies if some of this information can be found on various govt websites; I am still looking around and getting through the literature but thought this would be a good forum to get some information.

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who has anything to say. I'm just wondering if it could be a realistic option for us to be together, and would like to know what the stumbling blocks would or could be.

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    Great introduction! Thanks!

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