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Thread: Hello from Pakistan

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    Default Hello from Pakistan

    Hi everyone, This is Tahir from Pakistan.

    I am a software Consultant with 7+ years of IT experience along with the BS Degree in Computer Science.
    I am looking for immigration in Skilled Migrant Category and for Job offer at the same time.

    Will keep Bugging you guys in case of advise :P

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    Hi and welcome.
    I cannot help myself: every time I see someone has a BS it amuses me. In NZ we call them BSc.
    BS is shorthand for something quite different!

    Good luck with the search.

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    I think then we should all get changed our degree title to BSc. Otherwise we may end up in level 6 :P
    Thanks but usually with 4 years programme we call it as BS (Hons) in Computing . But usually its 2-3 years which is simply called as BCS.

    I hope that shorthand is not as bad as i am imagining currently :P

    Thanks anyways :)

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    HI and welcome!

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