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Thread: Advice please - buying a tourism business in NZ

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    Default Advice please - buying a tourism business in NZ

    Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone could give me any advice. I've had a search around and can't find anything relating to my specific situation.

    We are interested in purchasing a small hotel / B&B type business in Northland. We are both British. I am 43 and my partner is 40. We are both Directors of a Ltd Co (2 years) which we have used to purchase and renovate a crumbling Victorian pile which is now rented out and ticking over. We have renovated 2 other properties, the one in which we live and another which we currently also rent out, but it is not owned by the Ltd Co. I am a full time IT Manager (12 years) but have no qualifications in the field, I am not educated past O-level. My partner works as a Manager in an offshore investment Co and is also educated up to O-level standard.

    We were hoping to rent out our current property, sell the other one and use the funds of approx 300k GBP to purchase either a going concern or something with potential. I have had a look at the Investor Categories and it seems you need to invest a minimum of $1.5million NZD and employ 3 full time New Zealanders. Have I got this right? Any advice you could give would be very much appreciated.

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    Have you looked at the Long Term Business Visa? I don't thing you need to invest money to apply for that but it will still allow you to start up your own business (if you satisfy the criteria) and eventually gain residency if things go well.
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