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Thread: hello everyone, i'm looking into moving into NZ.

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    Default hello everyone, i'm looking into moving into NZ.

    hi, please forgive my ignorance but i have no idea on how to go about doing this.. i believe it's time for me to change my life and leave america. if anyone has any type of insight the could bestowe upon to me that would be greatly appreciated.. either or i'm strong minded good hearted and if it takes me emmigrating to the area with a backpack and a few dollars to start of on my journey then so be.. but i would much rather go down a much easier road.. and not possibly get deported back.

    some times in life you know when it's time to move on.. Dj

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    Here is one place to start:
    Self-Assessment Guide for Residence in New Zealand

    In simple terms there is a formal immigration process, you don't simply come or show up. There is a points based system where you get points for education, job experience, age, etc. If you have enough points then you can apply. To some degree the more desirable your skill set to NZ the better chance you have. If you are a dr or nurse chances are pretty good. If you have no university degree and are a waiter or waitress chances are not so good. You can also be a trade person that doesn't have a degree but performed an apprenticeship. The above document should give you a good idea of how the process works and what your chances look like. For some it is easy and for others impossible.
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