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    Hi everyone,
    My partner and I have been doing lots of research on moving to NZ and are going on holiday there this December for three weeks. We wanted some advice on how to plan the trip? Where we should go and which cities to look at to get a really good over view.
    We also would like to know if it is worth going to any expo's here in the uk, to see what jobs are out there, I have looked at the points and I have enough to get it, would my partner be able to come with me if we are not married?

    Hope you can help or point us in the right direction
    Many thanks

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    If you really want to get to know New Zealand get a bus pass and bring your backpack. See the whole country from top to bottom by bus. If you just fly from Auckland to Wellington to Christchurch you won't learn anything. Live as the average people here live, learn about the real New Zealand. Living in Auckland is like living in most big cities on the planet. Depending on your career, that will determine what cities you might go to. If you are a computer expert don't expect to go live in a small place there will simply be no jobs.

    Become a sponge. Learn everything you can. Visit the many small town websites, you should get some insight and begin to see a common thread. Find blogs of people who have moved here or live here. Learn more about NZ than people who live here. Don't look for the good stuff that is easy, look for the bad stuff so you don't have any surprises and get blind sided.

    Why are you moving to NZ? That should help guide you on your search on what you are looking for. First off you won't get rich but will have a rich life. If you plan to have a family in the future, NZ is number one on the list to raise a family. Many people have moved here for a lesser job for their kids futures. There is tons of information on this site about partner visa's so I won't comment on that aspect.

    You will be visiting in high season so be prepared. Not sure if you coming at Christmas or prior. I am guessing you will be taking your Christmas holiday with some vacation time. Christmas is a 2 week holiday here and longer for some. Most businesses just have a skeleton crew on and many business are closed. It is summer time so people go to the beach and visit family. If you plan to rent a car do it in advance because you won't get one if you didn't book it in advance. The same for your accommodation. Don't get caught out in the cold. On the plus side you will find kiwis who will give you a place to stay at no charge. The kindness of the everyday kiwi people here will blow your mind.

    Hope I helped, be a sponge.


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    NZ Citizenship in 2000, been in NZ 15 years now
    Arrived NZ in 1997 from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    "New Zealand isn't just a physical place it is a state of mind."

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