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    Default Thinking of Moving too


    My partner and I have expressed a huge interest in moving to NZ for good and we just dont know where to start. There is so much info on the web and its trying to sort out all the junk.

    I contacted the NZ embassy and they passed me to the NZ immigration and they basically just told me to have a look at their website.

    The website does have some really good info but as for living costs, jobs, homes etc we just dont know where to start and any info from people going through the same thing will be really helpful.

    Its just my partner and I. We currently live in Scotland and both work full time. I work for a car company in the finance department and my partner is a landscaper and builder. We were hoping he would do well to find a job in Christchurch. We dont own our home and we have a purchase hire car from my work. The only other immigrant would be our 2 year old Cat Sebastian.

    Thanks for any info you could give. Ashley x

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    What you need to do first is find out whether either of you qualify to apply for residency in NZ. It's not as easy as applying for a visa and going there. NZ will only take in people who have certain job skills that the country needs. Otherwise it's down to having immediate family there who could sponsor you or you have experience in running your own business. Have a look on the Long Term Skill Shortage List to see whether either of you can apply directly for residency.

    Some more reading:
    Can I apply under the Skilled Migrant Category
    Essential Skills in Demand Lists
    Points Indicator

    Perhaps you'd like to come back once you've had a look through these and if you think you will be able to apply.

    As for things like cost of living in NZ, this is our NZ Website List in which you will find all sorts of info on the country. If you go into Shopping and then into some of the supermarket links you can look at prices of food etc. Same with other shop links regarding household items etc. The list was compiled some time ago so some links may have been altered. If you have any problems, let me know and I'll try to bring up a newer link for you.
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