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Thread: Hi Everyone. Thinking of Moving To NZ

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    Red face Hi Everyone. Thinking of Moving To NZ

    Hi Everyone,

    My Partner and I have recently decided that a move to NZ might be on the cards. We have recently started looking at the process of how to go about getting a Visa and where to move to etc.

    We have looked at the Canterbury Area as my partner would be a great help in rebuilding Christchurch.

    Basically I am looking for any help possible and how I go about doing the research necessary for moving all the way from Scotland to NZ.

    Thanks for any help. xx

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    Hi and welcome.

    Take a look at this other thread where I've posted some links that may help you. The main Immigration NZ website is here. If you would like to wander through that, we'll be here to help you, hopefully, if you have any questions
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Red face WOW! Thanks for all that info.....

    Hi Motherbear,

    Wow. That is alot of info. Thank you so much.

    We wouldnt even know where to start. This is a very daunting thing to be doing and we are very grateful for all the links. Im sure this will give us alot more info than what we could have come up with ourselves. Will keep you updated on how we are doing.

    We have given ourselves 2 years to make the move. And with only just been doing research for about 2 weeks. Hopefully we can get the ball properly rolling now.

    Glad we found this forum :)

    Ashley xx

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    Red face Debt?

    Thanks for all the previous info. One thing I cant seem to find is information about your visa being accepted if you have debt? Obviously we would like to have the debt cleared before we move but will this affect our application if it isnt cleared? Thanks. x

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