Dear Fellow Members,

Greetings of the day to you!

I need some advise and suggestions. I am planning to move to Auckland in the month of May 2012. I am moving on work visa to work and stay with family. I neeed your advises in this context - kindly help - I am providing you most of the information I have as of now -

My work location(s) - Location A: 167 Victoria St, Onehunga, Auckland 1061 | Location B: 7/92-96 Albert St, Auckland, 1010
Duration of Stay - 12 - 24 months (can be extended)
NZ Status - On NZ Work Permit sponsored by NZ Registered Company

Question(s) -
1) What is a convenient and safe location (rental) to stay with family(Indian), close to general Shopping, School, Grocery Items etc.
2) I have 16 years old daughter, passed 10th Grade in India - She needs to pursue her studies 11th Standard/Grade onwards. What is the best possible way to take her career into science stream? Please provide me an overview of admission process / requirement in Auckland for Year 11. Any schools you would strongly recommend and also about the average fees per term / year.
3) What is the best mode for transport - how to buy / lease Car (any legal requirements to do so)
4) Typical Cost of Living around Auckland for a couple and 1 child

Regards - Praveen