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Thread: Moving in May 2012 - hotel internship for 12 months

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    Default Moving in May 2012 - hotel internship for 12 months

    Hey, I am a hospitality student from Seattle, Washington and will be working in a hotel for 12 months. I will be located in Auckland and just want to know what to expect?

    How much is the living cost for a typical single, full-time employed traveler? I can live pretty cheaply. Where should I look for housing online or when I get there?

    What are some fun things to do for a 23 year old male in Auckland? the surrounding areas look beautiful for day trips?


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    If you are looking for reasonable housing checkout Flatmates wanted | Trade Me. This is for flatmates which will give you your cheapest accommodation options while getting to know the people here. Sort out some initial accommodation for your arrival so you have a place to go. You can move again when you get to know your way around. Get either close to your work or bus or train line. Auckland is the "big smoke" and can be more expensive for most anything. "How much is the living cost", equate that to how long is a piece of string. Live like a kiwi it will be cheaper, live like a Yank and pay like a yank. If you are an experienced backpacker you should be right at home. If you think traveling cheap is staying at hotels, you are in for a rude awakening. If you are used to staying at hostels you will be ok.

    Petrol (aka gas) will be you biggest sticker shock. It is the equivalent of $8.00 US a gallon I think. Cheap cars can be had but the running cost is what gets expensive. If you want to see NZ plan on getting a bus pass to get around.

    Now one thing you need to know is kiwi's don't tip, surprise! So in the US you may have lived on your tips and used your pay for taxes but don't plan on that here. You will starve if you do.

    I am not trying to be mean and hopefully I didn't tell you anything you already know. Happy to give you a phone call if you want to PM me your phone number.


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    You can get some idea of the cost of living in Auckland here.
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    Living in central Auckland can be expensive - is this where you will be? There was a wave of building horribly tiny little apartments a while ago, so definitely check out what the place is like before committing to a tenancy.

    Good luck with the hunt and I hope you enjoy the job. It is an exciting time for you.

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