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Thread: Would like to live in NZ but continue to work overseas

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    Default Would like to live in NZ but continue to work overseas

    My name is Joshua, I am a New Zealand born australian citizen and I and fed up with living in Australia.
    I have a few questions I think some of you may be able to answer.

    1: What visas will I need to move to New Zealand with my partner to live perminently but work over seas?
    2: Being that I was actually born in New Zealand do I already have rights to work? will I need a Visa at all?
    3: Can i bring my partner (Australian) with me?
    4: How do I find out what level my qualifications are if they are earned in australia?
    I am a trade skilled qualified person.

    any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated

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    If you have an Australian passport or even a NZ one, you should more or less be able to enter NZ without any additional requirements as stated in here.

    If you are entering New Zealand with
    •a valid Australian passport, or
    •a current Australian Permanent Residence Visa, or
    •a current Australian Resident Return Visa

    you will normally be granted a New Zealand residence class visa on arrival.

    With a residence visa you should be free to find work . Your partner, also being an Australian, should have the same rights to enter NZ as you.

    I would imagine any qualifications gained in Australia would be of a similar level to the same in NZ.
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