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Thread: Making the BIG move from the north island to the south island?

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    Default Making the BIG move from the north island to the south island?

    Hi there every one i have just joined this sight in hope of receiving some advice on making the big move from the north island to the south island? my husband an my two children an I are currently considering Queens Town? i have been to Queens Town before and LOVED it! but my husband is a heavy fabrication boiler maker and he does not think it would be great job wise, but for me thinking about the life i want for my children and the kind of environment i want to raise them in i would seriously consider Queens Town? We currently live in Whangarei in the far north and we are not happy with the choice of raising our children here?.

    Any way to sum up what i am thinking, we have not made any commitments on this decision to move but we definitely want to, our children are still young and have not yet started school, where would be some good Towns People could suggest? with work wise (Considering my husbands line of work), Schooling for our children, the community we would be joining? Me my self am not qualified in anything so job wise for me is not a big issue as i will not be going back to work for at least another year until my Daughter is maybe in Kindy! Well after all this raveling i think i have introduced my self and summed up what it is i am looking for in advice, i am open to every ones advice an opinions as this would help with us making a big decision for our family!

    Thank you! :D

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    Queenstown was a small town that in the last 30 years has grown into a big tourist centre, and as a result, most jobs in the area are in that industry, and accommodation is very expensive. The main work other than that, in the area is supporting the rural sector, such as wine, grape/fruit growing, sheep farming etc., so I don't thing there will be a lot of work available for him. If he did find work, it would be a lot cheaper to live well outside Queenstown, but this may not suit you.

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    Hi Thanks for your Opinion really appreciate it, we have done a bit more research since i posted an have also found this out, Would still appreciate any opinions or advice on any other suitable places people may think would suit our situation?

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