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Thread: Settled but still needing connections-Chch

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    Default Settled but still needing connections-Chch

    Hi All,
    I emigrated to Chch from UK 5 years ago (the site was very helpful during the process) with my partner and son and we are still here despite the earthquake devastation. Chch is still a great place and we fully intend to stay. The quakes have not just changed the physical landscape but a lot of people (migrants and locals) have left as a result due to lost homes/jobs etc are gone too. We feel now more than ever that making connections with other people is very important to help keep people strong for a new a better Christchurch. I thought I'd revisit the site and forums again as we are still keen to meet new people and build 'post-quake' social contacts in Chch/NZ. I am 39, my partner is 40 and my son is 7. We are a pretty easy going family who enjoy the outdoors. We live in north east Christchurch. Get in touch if you are a new or established migrant keen to make some local connections.
    Liam McK

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    Well done for sticking it out, Liam. It can't have been easy to watch everything falling apart around you and so many people, possibly even your friends, leaving. I hope you can hook up with others from the area to form a support network. Maybe in time, some of those who have left will return again. Have you thought of pinning up notices in, say, supermarkets and other places where folks gather in numbers, inviting them to join together to form self-help groups? Or advertising in the local paper that you wish to form such a group?

    Good luck.
    Mother Bear

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