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    I desperately need some fiancee and I are both on work visas here in New Zealand. He has been here 3 years now
    while I just got my work visa couple of weeks ago through a job offer that I received from a company. Once I got my work visa
    I found out that I had to move to another city because I could not work where I was staying. Im not too happy leaving my fiancee
    and renting alone in the city. Is there any way I could get a visa where I could work and live at home with my fiancee? To add to this
    we have just put in an Expression of Interest, would this have any effect on me changing my visa status?
    Appreciate any help and clarity. Thanks

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    Hi and welcome.

    You could have a look at this whereby you could possibly get a work visa through your partner although the length of visa would depend on how long your partner's visa is valid for. At least it would allow you the freedom to work wherever you wanted to and give you some time for the residency application to go through. I don't think getting a work visa would interfere with your application for residency.
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