Ever been somewhere and decided it was absolutely awesome and you want to go back to stay? My sweetie and I had that happen when we went on a vacation to NZ earlier this year. So ... we're working towards work permits to go back.

I'm in ICT and she does nursing, so we are looking at the Skilled Migrant Visa. We're applying for her Nurses Registration and have an 18-24 month timeline presently ... (We're using gantt chart timelines with googledocs spreadsheets to make sure that we have the requirements in order and what kind of time frames we're looking at for the registration.)

I'm trying to work my way through the puzzle pieces for the INZ Operation's Manual for submitting the EOI and there are definitely questions I have.

e.g. The LTSSL indicates that a specific Qualification is required, along with work experience. If one has a Qualification, but it isn't relevent to the Occupation or Occupational Group ... but one has enough experience in the Occupation to meet the requirement of SM7.10.1 a(iv) of 5 years experience in addition to the additional required work experience along with industry certifications ... would that mean that one can get the bonus points under SM13 (Work Experience), but not under SM16 (Qualifications)?

It relates to Sarah's blog post talking to the NZ Immigration changes:
When immigration released the reformed skilled migrant policy 3 years ago they introduced and recognised work experience as a substitute for qualifications. Now immigration are trying to close that gap even further by lowering the points allocated for trade and vocational qualifications and stating that all skilled migrant applications must include a skilled job offer. This is stopping those who could previously apply and be granted residence based on their qualifications or ability to meet the long-term skill shortage list. Now everyone requires a skilled job offer so in essence, immigration have handed the key over to New Zealand employers.
So, based on the blog post work experience can be used as a substitute for qualifications but one has to have a job before getting to NZ ... (is this even IF one can get over 100 points on the EOI?) The most recent selection allowed folks with 15 bonus points for experience (SM13) and between 130 and 140 as well ... so many questions ...

Kia Ora!