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Thread: want to move to New Zealand from South Africa

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    Cool want to move to New Zealand from South Africa


    Iím from Johannesburg, South Africa Iím a married 25 year old woman and I have a 3 year old daughter, and we are planning to migrate to New Zealand due to the crime and political conflict in South Africa.

    How can we go about getting job in New Zealand?

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    Welcome to MTNZ .

    Unfortunately, moving to NZ isn't always as easy as just finding a job and finding a job suitable to allow you to stay permanently there means your job skills would need to be on the Essential Skills in Demand Lists. If your skills aren't required by the country, it's very difficult to get to stay there unless you can find another way in e.g. through immediate family members who are already there and eligible to sponsor you or you were in a position to start up or take over a business. As you will see from the contents of the link above, you can sometimes get a temporary work visa if your job isn't on the lists, but that doesn't mean you can stay permanently.

    Before I swamp you with a lot of information that may not be of any use to you, here's a couple of links you might like to go through to see if you qualify to apply for residency in NZ.

    Residency quick check.
    Immigration New Zealand main website.

    Have a look through those links first and come back with any more specific questions once you have digested all the information. Until you can establish whether you are likely to be eligible to apply, we'll leave the subject of how to get a job in NZ and come back to it later. Good luck!
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