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Thread: New Member needs help!!!!

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    Default New Member needs help!!!!

    Hi All,

    Firstly what a great site. Am hoping someone can help us with our dream.Let me introduce myself and my family. I'm Helen (38) hubby Ste (41) 3 kids 13, 10 and 5. We are desperate to make our dreams of moving to New Zealand a reality but keep hitting brick walls.
    I am a stay at home mum at the moment and my hubby is a Paintless Dent Removal Tech. As far as i can see we will not be on the skilled list, i have a cousin in New Zealand but thats the only family. What is our best approach is there any way we can apply or do i need to stop dreaming of a new life??????????
    Any advise would be greatly appriciated.

    Thanks xxx

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    A good place to start would be an INZ points assessment and see how you stand. You can do it online.


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    This is a link to the Points Indicator but I would mention that it will be very difficult to get into NZ long term without a job skill on either the Essential Skills in Demand Lists or if you don't meet any other criteria that matches the requirements e.g. immediate family in NZ who could sponsor you, a large amount of money to invest or the wherewithall to start your own business there. This shows the various means of getting in.
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    Just to add that just because your current circumstances might not meet whatever requirements you need, it doesn't mean you can't fit the mould.
    I know plenty of people who have emmigrated to various locations around the world after doing a course specifically for that purpose.
    I know guys who have done electician training to meet a skills shortage in both Oz and NZ, I have heard of others doing hair dressing qualifications to get into Australia (apparently it's a shortage there).

    Personally, we are in the same boat, right now, INZ would laugh at us if we lodge an application so my wife (also a stay at home mum for our boys aged 6 & 8) is studying an Open University degree in Geology and Earth Sciences. This will help her get a career whichever the outcome of any INZ application, but the hope is with all sorts of geological data unique to NZ, Fault lines, natural disasters, unique species and fossils etc. the degree will be well received in the long term as well as job prospects.

    So just some encouragement really, think outside the box and who knows a 2 years ICT qualification, or NVQ in childcare, could be just the ticket when other avenues seem blocked.

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