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Thread: UK family wanting to move to NZ

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    Default UK family wanting to move to NZ

    Hello Everyone, it's a pleasure to be on board this site!

    Me and my wife are 22 with a Daughter who's 1 and we really want out of the UK. I'm a Care Assistant for the elderly with challenging behaviour and my wife is an NVQ Assessor in Heath and Social Care. After much discussion we both agreed on NZ as a place for our future! I have not got a clue on any details on how to apply or see what skills they're looking for over there, hence why I'm here. I'm willing to train for a new occupation if it improves my chances of a future over there. Any advice or information would be brilliant and I look forward to your reply!

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    Welcome to the forum. Have you checked the LTSSL on the INZ website? This gives you an idea whether you would be able to apply through the skilled migrant category. If not there are other visa's you can apply for. Check out INZ first - although it can be difficult to navigate round and find the info you need
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    Welcome and good luck.
    It sounds like you have skills that would be useful anywhere - the trick will be matching them to recognised New Zealand qualifications and then getting recognition that they are worth decent pay, which is reputedly not easy in elderly care here. Someone in the field would be able to tell you more than me though.

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    Hi and welcome.

    You could try looking on here and working your way through the links. On the right hand side of the screen, you should see a link called Essential Skills in Demand Lists. Looking on there should give some clue about the type of skills NZ needs. When you've had a look through all this, come back to us with any questions you may have and we'll try to talk you through them. There's too much to take in all in one go.
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