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Thread: hello, thinking of moving to NZ

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    Default hello, thinking of moving to NZ

    Hi all,

    I went to NZ a couple of years ago on a WHV and am now considering going back there. I was considering going over on a tourist visa and trying to find a job offer there. the reason for this is because I havent worked in my field of expertise for 2 years now and NZ companies wont send a job offer without a face to face interview. I have spoken to a few rec agencies and they say once they have a date of when i am arriving they will be able to help me better. Has anyone done this before? I guess it is not exactly the right way to go but i fall short on assesment points so without a job offer it is very difficult.

    I hold a british passport and have family in NZ. would love to know if this is possible for me to do. thanks

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    Many people have gone to NZ this way and looked for work, although it's recommended not to broadcast it as the reason for being in the country when you go through immigration. A tourist visa is for visiting, so they might take a dim view of you coming in solely to job hunt.
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