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Thread: a case of "visa trauma"

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    Unhappy a case of "visa trauma"

    hi all...i am very happy to read all posts as they are all very useful. i do hope you guys can help me. i already have a bit of "visa trauma"

    i have a kiwi partner and was granted partner visa for a year (aug 09-aug10) sept 09 we got everything sorted, bought house, furniture, etc. i applied for nzqa and ntc and got my teaching certificate. got preg so arnd apr '10 i applied for a 2-yr extension. got denied, gave birth and our baby's considered kiwi. was given visitor visa instead which expires on nov '10. i was gutted. they said i dont qualify for partnership bcoz my partner is only here for a couple of weeks and is out overseas for 3 wks since he's into mining and this is the usual roster. i tried to look for tchng job but wit no luck still no one called. and it will be hard to work yet since bubba's just 3mos. old. the best option really is partner they give some exception in the case of my partner's job? or what other options do i have? to study is very expensive arnd 15k a year and we just wanted to save money for a better future. i also fear that my residence applcn will be denied and we have spent a lot paying all these visa fees.: sad:

    my story:

    aug 09-aug 10 work visa-partnership granted
    apr 10 applied work visa ext denied
    apr 10 applied residency
    aug 10 visitr visa granted
    nov 10 visitor visa expires

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    Hi Alika

    I'm quite surprised that INZ won't give you a visa to stay in NZ when your partner is a kiwi, even if he works overseas. Perhaps it is something connected with the requirement that you should both be living together in 'a stable and genuine relationship'. Maybe they see you as living apart because he works away from home so much. Have you both been to visit INZ together to explain the situation in person? NZ is always happy to see its kiwis come home after working abroad and one day your partner will probably want to settle back home. However, if you aren't allowed to stay in NZ, he will have to travel to your country to be with you and your baby, so NZ will lose one of their kiwis, plus a new small kiwi. If your partner is on a 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off rotation with his job, he should still come home quite often. It's not like he is away for months at a time.

    I don't really know what to suggest other than you both try to speak to INZ directly and explain that your partner has to earn a living and, in his case, this involves him being away from home for a few weeks at a time.
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