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    Default medical waiver

    Hi Every 1 im myself sid from india.
    last time my visitor visa to nz was declined due to unacceptable statdard to health hep b positive. medical assessor comment was high cost pharma dat is 400 nz dollar/month.
    while decline my visa immigration officer advice me if my wife gain residency in future that i can apply visa again to assess for medical waiver and can grant visa. wife gain residency she is rn with district health board a fulltime permanent job salary 6000 nzd annualy.
    i apply for tempoaray work permit again two days ago.. plz any can can guide me about chances of my visa. panel doctor comment abt my recent medical that im a healthy carrier of hep. b.. hbvdna reports shows virus less then detetable. liver function test is normal from past 8 years. all reports submitted with medical..
    did anybody faced same scenarion before? plz im so tensed abt my visa this time need your help and comment

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    It looks like this will be an answer only the medical assessor can give you as he/she will have all the facts about your health matters. Perhaps someone who has been in a similar position would like to comment on your chances of getting a visa.
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