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Thread: Business and Computing Graduate Hoping to Emigrate. Help Needed!

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    Default Business and Computing Graduate Hoping to Emigrate. Help Needed!

    Hello all,

    I have been reading many posts on this forum and already seem to have an understanding of what needs to be done to emigrate to NZ i'd like to thank you all for such wonderful information.

    So i'm Aaron i'm 22 and currently living in Norfolk UK, I am due to finish my BSC Degree in Business Computing next June and i'm looking at options for my future I would love to move to NZ and make the most of the country.

    However I have a few fears about the whole process as i'm not sure where to start at the moment I am currently standing at 80 points according to the NZ Immigration Points Calculator, however I am hoping to find a job in NZ while in the UK.

    I would really appreciate any starter tips that any of you may have as i'm like a deer in headlights at the moment, and some of these other sites ask for horrendous amounts of money for a blog style thing with tips and tricks!

    Hope your all well and your applications are all going well!

    Have a nice day.


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    Welcome, Aaron.

    To apply directly for NZ residency, you would need a job skill that is shown on the Long Term Skill Shortage List and a relevant qualification to back it up. If you can get a job offer, too, that will go a long way to opening the door to NZ residency. If you still can't manage to reach the qualifying 100 points after getting an offer, you could look at the Work to Residence visa which doesn't work on the points system. It just means you would get a work permit to work for 2 years in your job before you get residence. For this or a temporary work visa, you need this all-important job offer. I would mention that it's often much easier to get a job offer if you are already in NZ as potential employers prefer to see overseas applicants have made the effort to get there, plus seeing people face-to-face is always helpful.
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    As you have little experience (just finishing uni) another option would be to get over here on a working holiday visa, secure a temporary job, and apply over here when you are in employment. You will get extra points as you already have a job.

    If you have already had a working holiday visa you can still get another one through BUNAC (IEP in New Zealand) in the UK : Work New Zealand | Working in New Zealand, Work in New Zealand, Working holiday New Zealand, - it will cost you 500 though and you can get it up until your 31st birthday (so plenty time yet!).

    I'm speaking as someone who has over 12 years experience in IT, currenty in New Zealand on the expensive visa mentioned. There are quite a few IT roles here just now depending on your background but I don't know how easy or hard it will be to get a job without the relevant experience to back it up.

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