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    Hello everyone,

    Name is Charles and I'm looking to hopefully move over to New Zealand at the start of next year. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of how difficult it would be to find a job as an engineer once I arrive. I have a BS and MS in aerospace engineering. Before committing to moving, I was just wondering if any other engineers have had any positive experience with finding a job that they wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks.

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    Welcome Charles.

    I'm not sure how many engineers we have on the forum but let's hope someone replies with some information for you. One way of judging how many jobs are available in your field is to browse through the job agents' websites. If you look on our NZ Website List and go down to Employment, it gives some links to possible sites although some of them may be old and need tweaking. SEEK and Trademe are particularly popular because they have a wide range of job vacancies. The job situation is not too great anywhere in the world at the moment so I think it's a case of hoping that something suitable will come up. Good luck!
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    Hi Charles, is aeronautics your bag? if so this company may have a vacancy, they have laid off anumber of staff recently but I think thta was due to a contract cancellation. Safe Air - employment

    If you really want to live here then take any job that will get you in, then you can look around once you have residency? Be aware that salaries are low generally in NZ, we call it "sunshine wages"!


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