Hi there,
Well my wife and I are seriously thinking of making the move to NZ. We're from SA, and I'm a qualified graphic designer with around 6 years experience in design. Without a job offer we're at 100 points exactly, but with a job offer we're at a comfortable 150. The whole job offer thing is quite frustrating though, in that if I somehow secure an offer of employment, my employer would need to be willing to wait quite a while, so I imagine this is going to be quite tough to get an employer willing to make an offer.. But I have faith in my design work so I'm somewhat confident I can persuade at least one design company to be interested enough to wait for me.

I do have a question though regarding work experience: I currently run my own design company (for the last year), so does anyone know how this factors into my work experience? Is it even counted, or is it perhaps even better that I've run my own company, how does NZIS view self employment?

Thanks for any comments or suggestions, and indeed for this forum.