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    Default Hi from Canada

    Kia Ora!,

    My partner Emily and I recently graduated from University here in New Brunswick, Canada. We both have Bachelor of Arts degrees in English. After graduation, we flew to Taiwan to teach English and then returned home, where we are currently employed as English teachers.

    Years ago, I decided to leave Canada permanently. I am a windsurfer and beginner surfer and I have always hated living inland. Also, I can't stand the cold winters (I know New Zealand gets chilly, but minus 20 for a couple of months is what we're used to). In University I took a semester abroad, and after graduation we left for Taiwan immediately. A little bit of time in Asia taught us that we don't want to live permanently in a culture that is vastly different from ours.

    When I decided that I want to become a doctor, I knew I had a decision to make. The Canadian medical system is notoriously selective with applicants, and in the federal scheme New Brunswick is at a disadvantage. Our province has no medical school of its own, so it purchases a few seats every year in medical schools in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. My chances aren't good. New Zealand's undergraduate entry medical programs are exactly what I need - basic sciences incorporated into a longer program that qualifies me in the place that I want to live permanently.

    I'm currently applying for Health Sciences at the University of Otago in Dunedin, and hoping I'll be accepted. The problem is - I can't afford the international student fees. In contrast to the domestic fees (11000NZ/year), the international fees begin at 27000NZ and rise to 50000NZ for the remaining 5 years of the program. Even if I graduate as a physician I'll be crippled by the debt.

    Our plan is to work out some way for my partner Emily to get a job and get permanent residence, so that I can go to school. She's still unsure about what she wants to do, but to a certain extent it has create a pathway to permanent residence for us in New Zealand. We're looking through the lists, and looking in job banks, and trying to think of some way to make at work but as I've mentioned earlier - BA degrees are not particularly marketable in and of themselves.

    I might not be able to make it to New Zealand to study (although I'll damned well try!), but I have confidence that we'll make it there eventually.

    Wow. Long intro.

    Best wishes!

    Justin and Emily

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    Kia Ora! back at ya, Justin and Emily.

    Those international student fees are pretty daunting. I'm not sure how easy it would be for your partner to get residency in NZ because INZ make it quite difficult to get in unless you have certain job skills that the country really needs, teaching fortunately being one of them. As a teacher in NZ, she would need to have NZ registration and 2 years' experience under her belt. I'm not sure what kind of degree is required to be able to teach professionally and whether English language would be sufficient. If she isn't suitably qualified to teach and doesn't have any other degree, getting into NZ could be quite tricky.

    Good luck in your endeavours to get to NZ.
    Mother Bear

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