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    Smile Bernie

    Hi my name is Bernie, I hold a New Zealand passport, and have been living in Auz for 2 1/2 years, upon making enquiry for a fiance visa in Australia I found out that New Zealanders here dont mean a hell of a lot. example:
    I am 47 years old and can not longer apply for permanent visa in Australia due to age.
    I can not apply for citizenship either.
    So I decided to go back home, however the problem now is my fiance"
    she lives in Colombia and we have had a relationship for 12 months
    I went to visit in Colombia in December and part of January: eusa_dance:
    upon making enquiry's for her to come to australia and get married "the big NOT"
    I would like to apply for a visa that entitles her to come to New Zealand with me.
    she does not have formal uni qualification, nor specialisations, she is just a straight up nice lady and wishes to be with me in this part of the world,
    some advise will be appreciated thank you all..

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    Default hello!

    So you will move back to NZ?
    Just to let you know it does not matter if you marry her or not she can apply for a work permit under partnership anyway, but she has to live with you at the same address as a couple at the time of application. Maybe she could come on a visitor visa to NZ and you move together in NZ and then apply?! That is how I did it with my NZ husband.
    Then after you have been living together for 12 months she can apply for PR under partnership and she can also extend her work permit for another year which gives her enough time until PR is through.

    You have to start keeping and collecting everything which approves that you a genuine couple, flight tickets when you have been visiting her, tentancy aggreemnts when living together, joint bank account, emails, love letters;)....

    Cheers, Anita
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    Back to Austria June 2008
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    Visitor Visa approved July 16 2008 till March 2009
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    Engaged to a Maori-Fiji-Scotish Man since April 2009
    Getting married 2/01/2010 in Austria!!

    Permanent Residence lodged 21/08/2009
    PR approved May 2010

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    Hi Bernie,

    Oz has a retirement visa which shouldn't have an age restriction but I guess that's a bit premature for you at your age.

    If you want to bring your lady to NZ you could look at this
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.


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