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Thread: Hi all, any advice?

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    Default Hi all, any advice?


    We have had a conversation with Lane Neave Solicitors of which the outcome was that we are eligible with a job offer. We are struggling to secure a job whilst based within the UK and have decided to move out for 6 months to try and get jobs!! Any advice on the pitfalls that we are likely to encounter would be helpful, well any advice at all would be great.

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    Welcome GPS ,

    It can be difficult to secure a job offer when you're outside NZ as a lot of potential employers prefer to see you face to face and be comforted that you have made the commitment to come all the way here. Your decision to come to NZ to look for work is probably a sound one.

    I guess you would enter NZ on a visit visa and the temptation might be to start work as soon as a job offer becomes available. As it's illegal to work in NZ without a valid work permit, it would be necessary to get one before starting work. Some employers won't take you on because you 'don't have a valid WP'. They should know that, to apply for a WP, you first need a job offer unless you already have residency, which allows you to work or have got a WP through a partner's visa status.

    When you first arrive in the country, it might be a good idea to nail down your spending until you're in a position to start earning. Some people make the mistake of splurging out on a new car and take on a fancy house in the excitement of arriving in a new country. In this case, if the job offer is a long time coming, problems can arise.

    It's helpful to not have fixed ideas where you want to live because a suitable job offer might not be available there. Be flexible and explore opportunities in all areas. You can always move around afterwards when things are more secure and you have some NZ work experience under your belt.
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    Default Thank you

    Thanks for the advice, we are fortunate that we have friends in NZ to assist us a little bit, so that could help us keep the costs down a little (we are well aware of outstaying our welcome though). We are flexible and have applied for jobs from Dunedin up to Whangarei. So all being well someone will realise our commitment to the move.

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