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    Hey everyone!

    I'm new and full of questions even after weeks of research I have found the forum really helpful so far - so thanks to everyone for contributing!

    Trying to figure out the best way forward - either partnership/temp work visa or skilled migrant.

    I've heard varying info regarding Vendor Qualifications coupled with experience and seperatly.. partnership temporary.. these are my vitals:

    28yrs old South African
    9 yrs IT experience (varying roles i.e. from hands on techie, to current managerial position)
    no degree
    MCSE (thinking of studying MCPD to help my cause but not sure if it'll make a difference)
    "new" Kiwi boyfriend - we work together, have done for 1 and a half years, only started dating in Dec though.

    We don't live together - does this void the "partnership" option? If it doesn't, would phone bills, photos & letters from friends/family/colleauges be enough evidence?

    Not sure if I'd qualify for Highly skilled because of my qualifications, unless I had a job offer?

    Thanks for your input everyone!

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    you both have to live together,or you can start to live together and apply for WP under partnership category...

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    Take a look at this. It allows for people who haven't lived together for the required 12 months. You just need to be living together when the application is made. I can't tell if you are already in NZ or still in SA.

    Your partner is a New Zealand citizen or resident

    You must show that you are living together with your partner in a genuine and stable relationship at the time the application is made. Your partner must:

    * be eligible to sponsor you for residence under our Partnership policy within 12 months of your intended date of arrival in New Zealand
    * meet the character requirement for partners supporting partnership-based temporary entry applications’
    * intend to be in New Zealand for the period you apply for in your application
    * provide a completed Form for partners supporting partnership based temporary entry applications (INZ 1146) PDF.

    If you have been in this relationship for a year or more, we may grant you a work visa or permit that allows you to stay for up to a maximum of two years.

    If you have been in this relationship for less than a year, initially we can only grant you a work visa or permit for up to 12 months. Once you are here, you can apply for further work permits for a total stay of up to two years from your arrival, if:

    * you and your partner want to stay longer in New Zealand and can show us that you are still in a genuine and stable relationship, or
    * you apply for residence as a partner
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